Miscellaneous Work

Bachelorette Party Tshirt Design

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Art Program T-Shirt Design Winner

I entered these two designs for a Butler University art program design contest. My skull design ended up winning and were printed on t-shirts to be sold at Butler University. For the winning design, I made the skull in Adobe Illustrator with tiny squares and the pen tool. I also created the quote based off of my own personal beliefs about art. The second design was made in Adobe InDesign with photographs that my father took at Fountain Square in Indianapolis.

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James Victore Poster
Florence, Italy Visual Communications II: This is a poster I designed during a one hour exam. The task was to promote a designer that we admired and mimic the characteristics of his/her work, while simultaneously making it uniquely our own.



Celebrating Peter Miles
Florence, Italy Graphic Design II: This project was a tribute to a designer of our choosing that inspires our daily work. I made my design with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. My work was displayed at the Academia Italiana Annual Fashion & Design Show and featured in the annual design catalogue.

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Florence Magazine Mockup
Florence, Italy Graphic Design II: For this assignment, we had to use Adobe InDesign to create a mockup magazine. The pictures used are all from my Florence photography I class, and the layout is originally my own.

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Cards and Invitations
Made with various Adobe programs for various purposes and requests.

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Vespa T-Shirt Design
Florence, Italy Visual Communications II: This assignment was to design new T-shirts for an existing company with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Excessive Drinking Campaign Ad
Florence, Italy Visual Communications II: My professor asked me to submit a design for the Excessive Drinking Campaign. The intent of the poster is to discourage over drinking for the American students studying abroad in Italy.

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Wall Art for Church

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