Lucky B Boutique

Position: Managed all advertisements and graphic designs. 
Lucky B Makeover

The Task: First and foremost, Lucky B needed to update their entire look. The new designs were to match the decor and merchandise inside the store, as well as the store’s outer appearance, for a complete, cohesive theme.

Solving the puzzle: The biggest challenge for this project was working within the color scheme and stripe theme that the owner wanted, as it limited my creativity. Thus, in order to successfully give my boss what she wanted, I had to incorporate the existing logo, the colors purple and black, and the stripes while simultaneously utilizing my personal touch to keep the overall look clean, chic and easy to read and/or navigate.


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Grand Re-Opening

The Task: Create eye-catching posters and digital graphics for the grand re-opening event. 

Solving the Puzzle: The challenge was creating designs that could be easily read by people walking or driving by the shops. This made it hard to include a map, a date, the logo and a picture of the model without cluttering the image or making it visibly hard to read from the street.

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Digital Ads
The Task: Create chic and fun ads for the website, email account, and social media accounts.

Solving the Puzzle: In order to generate awareness for Lucky B, I created a variety of designs that were posted on a weekly basis. While my boss would only asked for one design per task, I convinced her that having a few options would keep the information fresh in people’s minds without becoming repetitive and dull after multiple posts.

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